Many describe a Reiki treatment as being profoundly gentle yet extremely powerful, bringing feelings of relaxation, joy, love, creativity, insight, gratitude and kindness. It is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and soul with the notion that we can heal our bodies. Reiki is NOT a system of religious beliefs, and it is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. it is the intelligent "Life Force" that connects us to what we need.

What Can Reiki Do?

Balance Your Chi!

Reiki, as a whole, works the the energetic, physical and emotional parts of the person receiving the treatment. It addresses imbalances on all levels.

Some of the Benefits You May Receive During a Session:

  1. Balances mind and body

  2. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

  3. Reduces fear and anxiety

  4. Builds a stronger immune stystem

  5. Clears emotional blocks

  6. Cleanses the body of toxins

  7. Promotes your body's ability to heal itself

  8. Reduces inflammation

  9. Improves focus and clarity

  10. Helps with certain issues in Life

  11. Promotes better sleep

  12. Reduces pain in the body and so much more!

What to Expect?

Changes in body, mind and soul.

Holistic medicine goes back centuries and is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After just one session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Before your session, you will complete a confidential client history form that outlines the areas in your body & life that you would like to focus on. This will also help the practitioner monitor the progress you make from session to session. Once you have asked any questions you have, you will lie fully clothed on a healing table and relax. The practitioner will place their hands above or gently on your body & over various parts in a sequential method. At the end of the session, you can discuss any questions you may have.

How is Reiki Different From Other Therapies?

You are the healer, I am the guide.

Again, Holistic medicine is based on a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. Reiki is holistic in it's approach and works with not only the symptoms an individual experiences, but the root cause of the imbalance as well. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Remember that, you are the actual healer and the practitioner is only the conduit, the guide.

How Do I Know if Reiki is Right for Me?

Sometimes, You Just Know.

If you have a nagging feeling that something in your life, body or mind is out of balance & you feel like you are struggling within or having a hard time releasing negative crap in your environment, then Reiki may present itself at the most perfect time in your life. The fact that you are reading this brochure could be the sign that your body, mind and soul is now ready to "Let that Shit go!"

Learn more about Reiki and begin your journey of healing with me, Your Reiki Girl by clicking here!

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