Moldavite and the Heart Chakra

Moldavite and Heart Chakra Connection


Moldavite is a strong Chakra opener and activator, resonating particularly well with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Its energy will settle and center in the heart, despite the fact that it will first go where it is most required in the physical and etheric bodies.(6) But what makes Moldavite specifically associated with the Heart Chakra?

Serena Poon, a chef, nutritionist, and reiki master says, “Each chakra vibrates or spins at a particular frequency that impacts specific biological processes and organ systems in our body. The circulation of energy in each of our chakras then influences our physical as well as our mental well-being by way of stimulation or inhibition.”(7) Each color corresponds to a particular type of vibration or frequency that emits through the chakras.(8) Scientifically, light is measured in units of cycles (waves) per second, or hertz. The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and ranges from 430 trillion hertz, seen as red, to 750 trillion hertz, seen as violet.(9) The color chart below, is reflective of yogic traditions and contemporary healing modes of thought. Even though the precise colors of each energy center, or chakra zone, may vary, consensus is present for this general rainbow-colored representation.(8)

The colors of the seven primary chakras (wheels) are:

  1. First Chakra (Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra in Sanskrit): Red Color

  2. Second Chakra (Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana Chakra in Sanskrit): Orange Color

  3. Third Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit): Yellow Color

  4. Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra in Sanskrit): Green Color

  5. Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi Chakra in Sanskrit): Blue or Turquoise Colors

  6. Sixth Chakra (Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra Sanskrit): Purple or Indigo Colors

  7. Seventh Chakra (Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra in Sanskrit): White Color

Whereas the chakra colors represent various wavelengths of light and energy associated with each energy core or zone (accepted from ancient yogic traditions), their meaning, however, can be linked to the function of the relative chakras, as well as general symbolism.(8) With this association the meaning of each of the seven colors are broken down with the following traits:

  1. Red Color (Root Chakra): With the Root Chakra defining our relation to Earth, the color Red complements it with its color psychology meanings of: survival, vitality, passion, grounding, courage, strength, power; and love and war. The color Red also represents danger, due to its intensity and strength of attraction.(10)

  2. Orange Color (Sacral Chakra): With the Sacral Chakra defining our connection with the Water element, the color Orange correlates with the water element by connecting with our emotions. Its color psychology meanings are: sexuality, creativity, desire, compassion, and varied range of emotions centered around happiness, attraction, and joy.(10)

  3. Yellow Color (Solar Plexus Chakra): With the Solar Plexus Chakra connecting us to our life force, by being the nexus of our primary source of personal will and power; the color Yellow complements it with its color psychology meanings of: Sun, Fire, radiating energy, success, and will power. All these qualities are attributed to one’s life force, because it elicits joy, encouragement, energy, and fire to seek more, intellectually and spiritually.(10)

  4. Green Color (Heart Chakra): With the Heart Chakra connecting us to the Air element, it complements the color Green, in its focus of relationships and growth within those relationships, both internally and externally. Green’s color psychology meanings are: sensory (specifically, the sense of touch), growth and change, transformation, relationships, love, nature, etc.(10) We would think given that the color Green is associated with the Heart Chakra, why wouldn’t the element associated with it be Earth, or Water, even, in their ability to nurture growth and sustain life, in touching everything? But, interestingly, Air and Love, both, are deeply connected in that they surround us, always. Therein lies the key to the Heart Chakra, because, by holding our heart core open and our love flowing freely, we can embody this aspect of connection to all that surrounds us. Green, the color of transformation, connection, and loving force, is therefore identified with the Heart chakra.(11)

  5. Blue Color (Throat Chakra): With the Throat Chakra connecting us to communication, by mode of voice and expression, the color that complements this association is Blue. The color psychology meanings of blue are: communication, voice, expression, mindful listening, truth, self-expression, creative expression, etc.(10)

  6. Purple Color (Third Eye Chakra): With the Third Eye Chakra connecting us to intuition and the ability to “see” beyond that which is only within our physical senses, the associated color for this chakra is Purple or Indigo. The color psychology meanings of Purple and Indigo are: extrasensory perception, intuition, seeing beyond, connection to the non-physical, etc.

  7. White Color/ Purple-Hued Color (Crown Chakra): With the Crown Chakra connecting us to the Ether, and to all that which exists within and without the multidimensional reality, the associated color is White and/or Purple-Hued, sometimes also regarded to be the color Violet. The color psychology meanings of White are: consciousness, spirituality, divinity, connection to the multiverse etc.; perhaps because of its ability to augment and reflect all other colors.

Moldavite and Heart Chakra Connection

  • Green Color: With Moldavite being varied shades of vivid green, this particular quality of Moldavite, in being green, especially, connects it to the Heart Chakra, with the Heart Chakra energy center also being associated with the green color, as conveyed above.

  • Air: With Moldavite being a stone of transformation and change, it connects with the Storm element, and it syncs with the Air element association of the Heart Chakra, as the ability of being connected to the internal and external in such a deep way, that rapid alignment to our Soul Path and Purpose is achieved, by way of allowing ourselves to be open at the Heart center.

  • Connection

Other than color and the air element playing a large role in Moldavite’s association to the Heart Chakra, as explored above, I believe there to be a unique connection between Moldavite and the heart, that connects it to the Heart Chakra, as well. Author Joseph Chilton Pearce, in his ground-breaking book, “The Heart-Mind Matrix: How the Heart Can Teach the Mind New Ways to Think,” explores the idea of connecting to the world and our divine destiny by activating the caring wisdom of the heart.(12) He dives deeply in explaining how the heart is intimately connected to our brain’s prefrontal cortex and offers a qualitative balancing force to the quantitatively driven intellect of the lower brain. He demonstrates how the Heart-Mind Matrix actually connects us to the Universe, and acts as the powerful engine of spiritual evolution.(12)

This key take-away from the book, in how what is felt deeply within our heart, reaches the brain so powerfully, by helping us perceive sensory and extra-sensory truth in unadulterated awareness, and then enabling us to transform and transcend conditioning and enter into a spiritual consciousness, is what I feel is the crux of the driving force between Moldavite and our spiritual transformation. This intimate connection of Moldavite to the Heart— the epicenter of our evolved and emotional consciousness— allows Moldavite to become a catalyst of transformation, not on its own accord (when in an individual or personal scale), but BECAUSE we consciously or subconsciously establish that powerful heart-based connection with it. The Heart, therefore, upon connection with the Moldavite, not only facilitates the spiritual transformation in communication with the Brain, but it also activates the Heart Chakra zone, allowing for release of blockages, and the emerging of love centered living.

This is one of the reasons why an individual who has not established a heart-centered connection to Moldavite, or a piece of Moldavite, is not experiencing anything tangible from Moldavite. Sure, sometimes the effects of Moldavite aren’t obvious or discernible until weeks, months, and even years later; and, only with some retrospection and connecting dots do we see the effect. But what I am referring to is the reasoning behind why a dealer or seller who carries large amounts of moldavites may not be experiencing anything from them, nor something from them all.

Key-takeaway: connect with your moldavite with an open mind and open heart and allow it to show you the way!

Learn more about Moldavite and your Heart Chakra here!

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