Letting Go & Finding Mahalo!

Updated: Mar 11

Aloha my beautiful souls! My heart is full today as we now begin 2021. It has been a long journey of releasing and finding my gratitude, but, I think I have graced it with my presence and for that I am forever blessed.

2020 was a lot on so many levels, for so many people. For me it was Living Life 360! It was full of life and death, new beginnings and the end of journeys. From the start, In January of 2020, we lost our beloved family dog, Obie. His passing was unexpected and left us devastated, but it was just 2 weeks before my youngest daughter's wedding, so we didn't have time "to mourn". On February 1st, 2020, my baby girl was married in the most beautiful of ceremonies Then, on February 10th, my two beautiful grandmothers, left this life and crossed over to the next phase in the afterlife. I was given the gift of assisting with both of my grandmothers, Alyce and Helen, as they made their final transition. I was given the sweetest humans that were, not only my grandmothers, but, also my best friends. With some life changes and altercations, I was able to be a caretaker for my Grandmother Helen. I was so honored that I was able to help her stay in her home, of 74 years, until her last few months with us. At the beginning of the year, my other Grandmother Alyce, suffered a devastating stroke, then only two days later, on the same exact day, they both made their way to the afterlife. Two weeks later, on February 28th, 2020, we were able to celebrate NEW life, when my beautiful second Grandchild, a Grand-daughter, Addy Rose, was born.

After my granddaughter was born, the tears started to flow and I cried every night. I would put a smile on my face for most of the day and the moment I got home, the tears would start to fall. Finally, after three months, my body crumbled. I had been diagnosed with a bulging disc and it "bulged" and brought me to my knees, I also developed a pelvic tilt, my shoulders and knees became inflamed and well. physically and emotionally, I felt broken and exhausted.

This is when I needed help and I started the process of becoming certified in Reiki as a way to find some comfort, release and healing in my mind, body and soul. I was a complete mess emotionally, spiritually and physically. I had started a life transformation when I quit drinking alcohol in March of 2018, and chose to quit smoking a week after my Granddaughter was born. I have always done some type of meditation, and journaling, but now, I needed much more.

The grief that I felt, the loss that I experienced, wasn't just mine. Many of us lost someone special that day. But, my personal experience opened all sorts of hidden and past memories, backed up anger, loads of frustration, resentments and raw emotions that I wasn't prepared to deal with and my body and spirit physically weakened.

I was finally blessed and able to visit Honolulu, Hawaii this February after months of waiting, with my incredible daughter Hanna and her childhood friend, Kelsey. These girls got me out of my comfort zone, kept me on my toes, orchestrated all of the events and helped to make my dream of visiting Hawaii come true. They reminded me that life is for living and we should embrace every moment that we have. As we came upon the anniversary of my Grandmothers passing, I was able to say farewell, draw my line in the sand, find my gratitude and not just one, but two whales graced me with their presence! I was able to let go of so much that was no longer serving me and I have been enlightened to pursue my dream of becoming a holistic practitioner and founder of Your Reiki Girl, in hopes to help women around the world find their light in the darkness, recognize that which is no longer serving them and learn to just Let Go. Life is for living and by setting boundaries, and letting go, I have decided to live everyday to the fullest and strive to be the best me that I can be. My hope is to become the best mother & grandmother that I know I can be. I am now also embarking on a new journey of receiving my Yoga Teacher Training Certification and I can't wait to see where it leads me.

I am grateful for all of the beautiful souls that I have met thus far on my healing journey and I am grateful to have met the beautiful girl, in my soul, as I live 360!

Here is to Letting Go and Mahalo!

I know how it feels to be sad, mad, overwhelmed, broken and to become mended again. I have sat with the darkness, danced with the devil and have found my way into the light. I have been pushed down and have fought, like hell, to get back up. Let me help you to find your light, to be your guide to letting go and finding your Mahalo.

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