Keep Climbing Until You Have Reached the Top

Updated: Mar 11

I take great comfort in knowing the truth of this as I was ever so humbly reminded of it this weekend. While I was going through some blockages, I remember a time when my Father reminded me of how he saw me climbing a light pole at only three or four years old, when I cried out, "Hey Dad, look at me!" He, in his moment of disbelief and a small amount of fear, yelled back, "Well, keep on climbing you haven't reach the top yet!" And... so I say to you, "It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop." You are worthy and capable of great things. Keep on climbing until you reach the top.

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Let me help you release that which no longer serves you as you are on your journey of not giving up and climbing to the top.

Learn to Let Go and Let the Energy Flow.

Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Soul.

Your Reiki Girl

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