Finding Gratitude through the Pain.

So, I am thinking I will open this jar and read what is inside today. It has been over a year now that I made it for my Grandmother Alyce, for Christmas, before she and my Grandmother, Helen both passed away, on February 10th, 2020. One thing she really wanted to do, before she died, was to dance at my daughter's wedding, which was on February 1st. So, in this jar, I painted a rock for her that says DANCE and that was her manifesting word for the year. She was not able to dance at that wedding, however, she was able to see Hanna’s very first dance, as a married woman! She made her way to Heaven ten days later. So, in honor of her, I kept the jar and I started to fill it with things I was grateful for during the times that I grieved, the most, for her and my Grammy Helen. Writing down what I was grateful for helped me in times that I was in the shadows, when I was angry, sad and overwhelmed. I sometimes didn’t feel the “gratitude, so I kept it as simple as being thankful for coffee in the morning.

Now, I find my gratitude daily, I dance when I am alone and I count my blessings as I look for the joy in life. Holding onto stress, anger, sadness, and pain can reap havoc on the mind, body and soul and will eventually take their toll. My Grandmothers are always present and around me. I hear them and feel them all of the time. I choose to believe that our loved ones are just a thought away and they are always here to guide us along our path, we just need to listen.

We can choose how we process and get through grieving on our own terms. It is a very personal journey, but I have found that finding my gratitude and counting my blessings along the way, helps me to break through the pain and release the emotional blocks that prevent me from experiencing the joy in life. Today, I choose to embrace the pain and dance in the rain.

Finding gratitude through the pain can be the first step to healing and to finding your joy again. Reiki Healing Sessions with a Reiki Practitioner can help to ground you & balance you holistically, while you begin the process of releasing what no longer serves you in mind, body and soul. Let me hold the sacred healing space for you to release and to let go. Connect with me and begin your journey of releasing and letting go. Don't give up hope! Connect with me and learn more about my healing sessions at

With warm love and pink cheeks, I'll see you soon!

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